The Library at Mouth Char – AKA this is going to send me into a reading slump


The Library at Mount Char

by Scott Hawkins

Rating – 1 star. And only because I can’t give it zero.

Honestly, this book started out so good. I was excited about it and the magic in it. I was curious and wanted to learn more. Then, it started getting really morbid. I nearly threw the book in complete disgust. And then, Steve came into the picture and then Erwin and they get long chapters that I honestly cannot bring myself to care about. These are characters that are unlikable and horribly stereotypical characters that are just annoying, almost like the author was trying to make up for writing a female main character and had to take the butch to the extreme. Honestly, like we need that.

The book doesn’t want to bother to explain anything to the reader. Lets instead make up stuff and then waits to explain, leaving readers wondering if they skipped a page. I actually went back and made sure the pages didn’t stick. And this book has a LOT of things that need to be explained. The author didn’t seem to understand just because he understood it, that the readers weren’t in his head. It simply keeps getting more frustrating the more I try to read it.

There’s so much that’s wrong with this book and how morbid it is. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to read deaths of children and babies, of torture, and god knows what else. And in detail. I’m happy I didn’t waste my money on this book because I have zero interest in finishing such a frustrating and disturbing book. Not even all the magic in the world could get me to pick up this book. I would NOT recommend it. At all. It’s not worth it. Honestly, my notes for this review was me screaming ‘what is going on, who are all these people, why is this violence even necessary at all?!'(except more swearing).


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