Painting The Roses Red


Wonderland: A Coloring Book Inspired by Alice’s Adventures

by Amily Shen
Yes another review for another colouring book. But come on, I’m a sucker for them, if you haven’t noticed by now (it has become a bit of a habit of me requesting them instead of book books). And who wouldn’t want an Alice in Wonderland colouring book?
My first impression – Another great cover that has a book jacket with more pictures on the main cover. I love colouring books with book jackets. I think it fun and adorable. Even better, the inside of the jacket has pictures you can even colour. Their just giving you more and more to actually colour and use and in creative ways. This colouring book makes the story of Alice your story, in a modern twist of it. Which I personally do enjoy. It gives you more freedom to how you colour things. It also gives you a few activities within it such as finding items and completing the a picture of butterflies (both of which I’ve noticed in my other colouring books as a way to get the person using the book more involved beyond just colouring). I do like the art. The lines are nice and thin. I think that the art brings a lot of detail to the pictures, but also leaves you enough to add your own if you wanted to. I like the feel of the art. It does remind me a lot of Wonderland in it’s own way (also, there’s a few pages of food in it that looks super yummy. Guess who’s hungry now?).
Pen to Paper Time – The paper isn’t as thick as some of my other colouring books, so I don’t think it would exactly be a good fit for markers (but you might get lucky and it won’t bleed into the picture on the other side of the page) or water colours (which I’ve been doing with some of my thicker colouring books lately). I really loved how soft and smooth the pen was on the paper. It wasn’t grating to move it and to focus on smaller details. However, the ink on the page did smudge with lighter colours and it the pigment of the pens wasn’t applying smooth to the paper, despite the paper being so smooth. That’s the problem with paper like that, sadly. The colour doesn’t always work with it and smudges easily and then doesn’t settle on the paper well. Which is sort of a bummer. Because the pictures are beautiful and it leaves you wanting to add colour to make it more beautiful and alive.
As a rating for this colouring book I’d probably give it 3 stars despite the issues. I think the art saves it. Even if it doesn’t work overly well. I think that most people won’t mind these issues if they simply just want to colour. It’s more of something that artists tend to notice more simply because of practice of seeing and spotting these things as they work. I think that over all, most people won’t mind it. And honestly, I don’t too much, but simply wanted to convey the facts for this honest review. It’s still a great book and the patterns are great for stress relief.
Rating – 3 stars

Fact – I love fact books


The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

by Maja Säfström


I love facts. My favourite show is QI. I watch fact videos on youtube obsessively. So when I saw the Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animals Facts by Maja Safstrom, I had to get it and review it.

First Impression – The cover is amazing. It’s so pretty! The artwork inside is just as great. I was super excited just to hold it in my hands.

While Reading – I really enjoy the facts and the images that go with them. I just wish there were more facts! But the book does do a good job at adding some facts I didn’t even know, which was really nice. It turns out a lot of animals can’t walk backwards. Which makes me feel a bit better because I can’t do it well. The art is really pretty. I really want to share the artwork with people, but at the very least, I can share the book with them and suggest it to them.

I think this book is a great bathroom/side table book and a book for kids (probably earlier being five? I don’t know, I don’t have kids, but I feel like five year old’s would laugh at some of these facts and enjoy them). I think that anyone of any age can enjoy this book and the art in it. It’s an adorable and quick read if you enjoy random and silly facts about animals. I do recommend it for people who enjoy such things and those who don’t, seeing as it’s so short.

rating : 4 stars


Books with ALL THE BEST COVERS (part 2)

Thanks to some interest in part one of this series, I decided to do another. This time, I picked A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (if you haven’t read it, go read it. Seriously. Do yourself a favor. I will accept thank you cards). I always loved the U.S. cover for this, and then I saw the U.K. version and loved that as well. So really, it wasn’t a hard choice as to what book was gonna be next in this series. Sadly, there isn’t many of them (YET), but honestly, I like all the ones I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see what other versions come later on.


English (U.S.)


English (U.K)


English Audio Book


Female Gamer and Proud


Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers by Hazel Newlevant and Sarah Winifred Searle


I am and have been a girl gamer at heart. It’s not something I talk about too much, but a big part of who I am is gaming and the fact that those games made me fall in love with stories. Having a chance to read this collection of comics meant a lot. I got to relive a lot of my own experiences and the friends I made in the process. Each comic had it’s own unique style and story from other female gamers that warmed the heart or left you sad. No one was left out, this collection even including transwomen, that aren’t always included in female stories (like they should be). I really enjoyed the stories, though the formatting didn’t always fit kindle and other comics slowed my computer down so much that my adobe reader crashed twice. Hopefully they’ll fix it for digital readers because it is worth a read for any female gamer who had faced the whole ‘fake gamer girls’ who were left out or called names by men, those who wished they fit the games that they loved, those who despite it all loved and thrived with games, those who relied on these games as an escape from the world, these are our stories and their told for the most part really well (there a few stories that didn’t always make sense, but not all the writers are native English speakers, so mistakes happen. But their stories deserve to be heard too).

Rating : 4.5 stars (I’m sure when the formatting is done for the finished copy this would be bumped to 5 stars)


Books with ALL THE BEST COVERS (part 1)

On my old blog, I started doing a this vs. that kind of book covers, in which I personally felt were better than the popular U.S. covers (or current book covers). Instead, I wanted to change it up. It’s rare, but some books get all the best book covers and I wanted to share some of those here. Because I want to share some of my favourite books who win with so many great covers world wide.

With the upcoming read-a-long on booklr for Uprooted by Naomi Novik, people have been posting their copies. And I’ve found that I’m in love with every single one. Which isn’t something I often do.


U.S. Version


U.K. Version


Spanish Version


Alt. English Cover

So which is my favourite? Honestly, I love them all. I’ll PROBABLY tell you once I HAVE read it which one I feel represents the story best, but as of right now, I love them all in their own way. Though, I’m not a huge fan of the alt. cover, but even so, there’s something about it that’s interesting and I’d probably consider picking it up at the bookstore to at least read the back. Because yeah, I’m a sucker for pretty book covers.