Female Gamer and Proud


Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers by Hazel Newlevant and Sarah Winifred Searle


I am and have been a girl gamer at heart. It’s not something I talk about too much, but a big part of who I am is gaming and the fact that those games made me fall in love with stories. Having a chance to read this collection of comics meant a lot. I got to relive a lot of my own experiences and the friends I made in the process. Each comic had it’s own unique style and story from other female gamers that warmed the heart or left you sad. No one was left out, this collection even including transwomen, that aren’t always included in female stories (like they should be). I really enjoyed the stories, though the formatting didn’t always fit kindle and other comics slowed my computer down so much that my adobe reader crashed twice. Hopefully they’ll fix it for digital readers because it is worth a read for any female gamer who had faced the whole ‘fake gamer girls’ who were left out or called names by men, those who wished they fit the games that they loved, those who despite it all loved and thrived with games, those who relied on these games as an escape from the world, these are our stories and their told for the most part really well (there a few stories that didn’t always make sense, but not all the writers are native English speakers, so mistakes happen. But their stories deserve to be heard too).

Rating : 4.5 stars (I’m sure when the formatting is done for the finished copy this would be bumped to 5 stars)


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