Summer of #ReadWomen

For those of you who DON’T know, #ReadWomen is a thing a friend of mine decided to do for a month last year. It caught on in the book community and had a LOT of responses from people. Some good and some bad. I tried to help her with it the best I could by making posts to try and get people to see why this hash tag was important. Because it’s simple – for a month, those of us who wanted to take part read books only by women to spread love for female authors after a lot of backlash to female authors and the fact though they are gaining numbers, it takes a lot more work for them to be published because they were female, simply because of their gender, and they are often under appreciated (IE YA books have been becoming more popular and loved due to female writers restarting the genre. However, John Green is called the savior of the genre), they make less, and aren’t taken seriously.

I got hate for simply telling people that JK Rowlin was a prime example of why due to the fact she was told to use JK to keep young boys interested who would otherwise not read her books. Simply because she was female. Not because her books aren’t good. Though I got hate due to the fact it didn’t effect JK in the long run (which wasn’t the point), a lot of people stepped forward to give more examples, past and present.

She’s bringing it back again, but she’s doing it starting June and ending at the end of the summer. And you bet I’m taking part in it again. So I’m letting you guys know ahead of time that my reviews on here WILL be only female authors until the summer is over. I’m not telling you guys to take part or anything (it’s your choice), I’m just letting you know. I’ll probably try to keep to female authors in all respect because it’ll be nice to promote them, but I can’t promise that. I’m also hoping to read more non-mainstream female authors and more authors of colors and helping word get out about them!


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